EP 019: Vision For Your Future With Andrea Crisp


About This Podcast:

The biggest reason that we are unable to accomplish our goals is lack of vision. Since what we focus on grows, it's imperative that we have a clear sense of where we are going. 

Don’t focus on what is, focus on what can be. Naveen Jain

This is the second episode in a three-part series on goal setting for 2018. Maybe you have felt really confused about how to set goals (and achieve them). I'm going to take the confusion out of the goal-setting process by giving you a three-step plan to help you be intentional about your goals for the new year. 

Step One: Make Your Priorities Matter

One way to do this is to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Who do you hope to inspire this year?
  2. How can you live your life intentionally?
  3. What kind of impact do you desire to have on your family & community this year?

Step Two: Determine What You Value

Determine what you value. If you already know this then you are a step ahead of the game. Start with your top five values and then you may want to narrow it down to your top three.  

What you value, you will prioritize. Setting goals that align themselves with your personal values, will be key to being intentional, impactful and inspirational with your goals this coming year. Not only will your values determine the standard to which you live, but also what you expect from others. Here is where the rubber meets the road (so to speak). Which items on the above list are currently holding you back from what you really need to accomplish?

Step Three: Set Intentional Goals

This is the step where you can be intentional about crafting exactly what you want out of the next 12 months. Write down where you would like to see growth in the area’s I just mentioned. Once you have a sense of what you want, you are likely to see a theme emerge. This will be a big indicator of what you may want to prioritize when moving forward. 

  • Career
  • Financial
  • Relationships
  • Emotional & Spiritual Health
  • Physical Health
  • Living Arrangements
  • Recreation

Write down where you would like to see growth in the area’s I just mentioned. Once you have a sense of what you want, you are likely to see a theme emerge. This will be a big indicator of what you may want to prioritize when moving forward. 


If you are ready to take your goals to the next level, but are not sure where to start -- let's schedule a 30 min FREE strategy session so that you can have the clarity you need to move forward in 2018.


EP 018: Taking A Look Back With Andrea Crisp

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About This Podcast:

Often the one thing we overlook when we are dreaming and planning for the future is being aware of how the past has played a significant role in where we are today. There is a significant benefit of looking back on what has worked and what has not in order to set the tone for what is ahead. And as the year comes to a close in less than 2 months, it is the perfect season to set aside time to be intentional about what you want out of 2018.

This episode is the first of a three-part series on goal setting for 2018. We start right at the beginning -- looking back at the year that has just passed. I speak candidly about what worked for me and what did not and the process I use to set goals moving forward.

To get started on the process, carve out some time for yourself to reflect on the past year and ask yourself the following questions:

1) What have your experiences this year taught you about yourself?

2)What did you experience this year that you would rather not repeat?

3) What were the top 3 greatest things to happen to you?


If you are ready to take your goals to the next level, but are not sure where to start -- let's schedule a 30 min FREE strategy session so that you can have the clarity you need to move forward in 2018.


EP 017: Courage Found Me With Tania Kolesnik


About This Episode:

'It’s part of my biggest blessing. Courage found me on my knees in the dark on the worst day. Courage can only help you flourish if you rid yourself of your ego or any kind negative self-talk that would tell you that you can't do it. Depression does that for you. It takes almost everything so once you have nothing, courage helps you rebuild.'


Tania Kolesnik proudly lives in Prince Edward County, Ontario where she un-schools her two children, Henri & Magnolia. She owns & operates County Collective, a collaborative space featuring a pop-up shop & soon to be vacation rental in the heart of beautiful Bloomfield, PEC. Tania has been blogging for just over 6 years & her feed is full of her strong messages highlighting the importance of mental health, body positivity & all around women’s empowerment.

With a zest for self-love & abundant personal growth, Tania is a unique voice who doesn’t shy away from embracing challenges while applying what she’s learned to be fearless in her creative endeavours. She, alongside her husband Dustin, are true entrepreneurs who dare to live life unconventionally with their family, gratitude & a push to inspire others at the core of what they do. They’re currently working hard to expand their business with many new projects in the work & are looking forward to seeing what the next few years have in store for their family. 

In this episode, Tania and I chat about the struggle she faced after the birth of her two children and how depression became the catalyst to leaving the city for a more peaceful life in Prince Edward County. 

Connect with Tania:

www.countycollectivepec.com, www.taniakolesnik.com, Instagram, Pinterest

I believe that you really have everything you need to start moving forward courageously. When you have the tools you need you will be able to face your fear, and walk confidently towards your dreams. Download these powerful questions that will set you on the right path. 

EP 016:Living Your Truth With Karin Eldor

About This Episode:

In this episode, Karin Eldor shares how she has learned to lead with her intuition, to stop pleasing others so that she can create space to say yes to yes to her dreams. 

Karin and I met through a FB Live that Jasmine Star and Promise Tangeman were hosting over a year ago, which is proof that you can absolutely make real friends online. 

Karin Eldor is a writer specializing in career, fashion and lifestyle. After several years in the corporate world as a Social Media Manager she took her side hustle full-time and is now living out her dream as a contributor for sites like Coveteur, Create & Cultivate, Monster, Teen Vogue, Shopify and 818 Agency. Her mission is to offer guidance and mentorship to women by aligning with brands that value self expression, integrity and impact. 

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Instagram, Contently


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EP 015: Are You Living Bravely With Andrea Crisp

About This Podcast:

In this BONUS episode of The Couragecast, I decided that it was time that I took a brave step and pressed record with no notes and no preparation to chat about the Live Brave Challenge. 

The reason most women don't pursue their 'big idea' is because they are afraid to face the uncertainty of risk. It's time to stop undervaluing what you have to offer the world. I'll help you become the woman you are meant to be! For 5 days beginning Monday, October 30, 2017, you will be challenged to step out of your comfort zone and into the life you were meant to live. During the challenge, you will receive daily emails direct to your inbox so that will give you the tools you need to put into practice the art of living bravely. You'll also have access to an amazing group of women in a private Facebook group who will be joining me live each day to share their journey of overcoming fear.  The best part of this challenge will be the community that is forged and the encouragement that you will leave with at the end of the five days.


EP 014: Freedom And Belonging With Anna LeBaron

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Welcome to episode #014 of The Couragecast. In this episode, you're going to hear a story so harrowing that you'd imagine it came straight from a Hollywood script. It's the true story of a woman who embodies the definition of courage. 

As one of fifty children of the infamous polygamist cult leader, Ervil LeBaron, Anna LeBaron was abandoned as a child, forced to live in the most horrific conditions, endured child labour, and was sexually groomed to become the wife of many years her senior in Mexico.

At the age of thirteen, she escaped from the violence of the cult, separated from her mother, she sought refuge with her sister and her husband. But her story does not end there. As a teenager, she experienced multiple murders in her family and was devastated by severe loss.


Anna LeBaron is an inspiring author, captivating speaker, and skilled social media strategist. Each of these components allows Anna to do what she loves most: connect with people from a diverse array of backgrounds. Anna uses her experiences of escaping from a violent, polygamist cult and her journey to freedom as evidence that every story can be redeemed for good, no matter how bleak parts of it may be. Countless women have walked away from Anna's events with a renewed desire to face their fears, overcome obstacles, and find freedom in the redemption of their own stories. 


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Facebook, Instagram, Purchase The Polygamists Daughter

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Are you ready to live more bravely? I want to invite you to join me for a 5-day challenge to bring your 'big idea' to life.

This challenge will empower you to take the steps you need to realize your dreams. 

EP 013: The Myth Of Work-Life Balance With Andrea Crisp


About This Podcast:

In an ideal world, what would your life look like? In this episode of The Couragecast, I’ll be answering a great question that was sent to me from Karin in Montreal. She asked, ‘why is the word balance so important, can I actually live a balanced life?’. I’ll debunk the myth that all we need is work-life balance to be happy. It’s time to redefine what success really looks like. 


My version of success will be different than yours — and that’s ok. You may value more relational time than I do. I may value financial stability more than you do. Whatever the case, success is what you prioritize and value in your life.  

As I was preparing for this podcast I came across an incredible article in the Harvard Business Review. This article was written about the four characteristics that are most commonly found in people who achieve success. I will link the article for you in the show notes. 

The first characteristic of someone who has achieved success is that they have understood what happiness looks like in their life. They know how to get out there and enjoy life and to take time to do things that bring them joy. When you think about your life, can you pinpoint the area’s in your life that truly bring you happiness? Or are you so focused on success that you have forgotten to enjoy your life?

The second characteristic is achievement. Those who have become successful have followthrough on the goals that they set for themselves. They have been able to achieve different milestones in their career, financial life, and have stayed the course even when things got tough. Have you been able to see your achievements as success? Are you moving towards your goals, or trying to do too many things at once in hopes that you will find balance. 

The third characteristic is that successful people have significant relationships with the people closest to them. They have not distanced themselves from those they love, they have found ways to spend more meaningful time with their friends and family. Who are the significant relationships in your life? Are you investing in those people?

And the fourth is legacy. Successful people are leaving the world a better place than they found it. They have discovered their specific purpose and are intentional about living it. Are you making a mark on the world, or are you just going through the motions. 

EP 012: Living Authentically With Leanne Cabral

Leanne Cabral (1).png

Welcome to episode #012 of The Couragecast. In this episode I’m chatting with Leanne Cabral about her journey to live authentically while raising four teenagers, and how she navigated job loss, all while pursuing the call on her life to share her message of faith and family.  


Leanne has a passion for equipping parents as they navigate the awesome task of passing faith on to their children. She encourages parents to make their invisible faith tangible so they can intentionally point their kids to Jesus and build a living legacy of faith.

Leanne’s authenticity, humility and gentle approach creates the kind of atmosphere that makes delving into the vast subject of family safe and comfortable. Her vulnerability about her struggles and gains invites others into her journey - breathing life and igniting others to live life with purpose and intentionality.

She is married to James and a mom to four teenagers. She recently released her first book, A Parent’s Best Gift, which is available on Amazon. She speaks at Conferences, Retreats, Parenting Groups, Christian Schools and Churches. She finds deep joy chasing the things that matter most and inspiring others to do the same!


To Connect With Leanne:


Facebook, Instagram, Purchase A Parent's Best Gift



The first thing to getting what you want out of life, is to decide what you want. I've created a step by step action plan to help you start making the best decisions for your life, starting right now.