Turning Purpose Into Potential



"She asked simple, powerful questions that helped me gain the clarity I needed to move forward."

I had reached a low point in my life, feeling discouraged about a failing business, and a lack of support from my friends. It was then that I decided to invest in coaching with Andrea. Immediately I realized there is something about her that is just so disarming, and throughout our coaching sessions I was able to open up and be totally honest about my life. She asked simple, powerful questions that helped me gain the clarity I needed to move forward. With her encouragement, I learned to problem solve for myself, and she showed me that I already had everything I needed right inside of myself. I have grown so much personally and spiritually. My business is more profitable that ever, I have purposeful friends, and bigger goals and dreams for myself than ever!

Lindsey Welch, Nashville, Tennessee
Business Owner & Hairstylist



"The results actually superseded my expectations."

I was looking for a breakthrough in my life as I had been feeling broken, unhappy and purposeless. The coaching was the best fit for me as it was flexible for my schedule. The rate was also quite affordable. I hoped to get more direction in my life and to solidify some things that would help me have a firm foundation in terms of establishing a career that would fulfill my soul longings. The results actually superseded my expectations. Andrea didn't just deal with the "symptoms", but she went straight to the root and opened my eyes to the realization that it is not the career that will make me happy, but if I am satisfied and fulfilled inside, any career will be a joy. That was a huge revelation. I gained a better understanding of the 'issues' I had and how to address them rather than escaping to another business venture. I realized that is all begins with me, from within, not from outside. Realizing that I have to take care of myself before I take care of others was powerful and life changing. 

– Zaure Vuk, Boston, Massachusetts

Business Owner & Make Up Artist



"I am a stronger woman and business woman thanks to Andrea."

The first time I spoke with Andrea, I was blown away by how much she "got" me. I have to be perfectly honest: I didn't even know or realize I needed the help of a Life Coach! After all, I thought I had a clear vision of where I was heading, career-wise. But as it turns out, my potential wasn't being fully realized and the need for Andrea's "Breakthrough Coaching" program was exactly what I needed to recognize my purpose. As a mom who left the corporate world after 15 years to go out on my own as a Freelance Writer, Andrea has helped me uncover my breakthrough, manage clients with poise, and always stay true to my integrity. She has a way of making me feel calm during our sessions, and pushes me to dig deep, look internally, and ask myself *scary* questions I've never taken the time to ask. I am forever grateful that our paths crossed so serendipitously as I I have learned to be firm with my boundaries, be confident with my decisions, and am clear on my brand.

Karin Eldor, Montreal, Quebec

Writer & Contributor for Coveteur, Create and Cultivate, Forbes, Monster & Teen Vogue



"Coaching with Andrea made me recognize what has been holding me back and she worked with me to stomp all over the negative perspectives. "

I was definitely at a stand still with my business, not knowing how to push forward without a little help. My career was uncertain, making my whole life feel uncertain. I yearned for someone who a girlboss and could help me get there. Andrea gave me the tools and the confidence I needed to take ownership of my business and personal life. 

Tara Jeronimus, Toronto, Ontario

Designer and Owner of Onderbroeks



"I have finally discovered my purpose and most of all, the courage to live it."

My life was on auto pilot, and I was lacking a sense of belonging. I had found myself in a job I hated with no social life, and was continually asking myself, 'where is the joy in life?' The coaching process enabled me to peel back the masks and protective layers that were keeping me bound in the approval of others. One of the biggest revelations I had was that I needed to get out of my own way so that could pursue my dreams. Coaching helped me stop the negative self talk, and encouraged me to take one step at a time in order to bring life to my desires. Andrea is an amazing coach. She listens well, and is very good at asking the 'tough' questions that lead to the "ah ha" moments. My coaching sessions with Andrea were the most valuable investment I have ever made in myself. This experience has given me the confidence and strength. I am no longer afraid. During our sessions, Andrea would always always say, "do it afraid”. Now I hear this every time I hesitate at trying something new. I have finally discovered my purpose and most of all, the courage to live it.

– Carol Ann Harris Whittacker, Mississauga, Ontario

Business Professional



"She believed in me, even when I didn't believe in myself."

Before I started Breakthrough Coaching I was stressed, and lacked the confidence and direction I needed to move forward in my life. I can honestly say that I’m in a much better spot because I have a greater awareness of who I am. And, a much more improved sense of self love. Coaching gave me the tools to pull myself out of these slumps I get into. And, I’ve finally turned a corner — I’m in a better place financially, and feel confident to lead myself in the direction of my dreams. Andrea is such an uplifting woman and was a great guide to helping me me find myself and experience happiness again.  

Corissa Girdwood, Banff, Alberta

Yoga Instructor