EP 067: Trust The Process With Hannah Marks

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In this episode:

Life is not always as we think it will be. It’s definitely not perfect even if others perceive it to be. I’m excited to share my conversation with Hannah Marks with you because it will inspire you to live your life to the fullest no matter what comes your way.

Her second born was only a few weeks old when she passed out after feeding. Her skin was ashy and grey and Hannah knew that something was just not right with her baby girl London Elizabeth. The news she got from the doctor was scary and unbelievable. If London didn’t have heart surgery immediately she would not last through the night. Within moments everything changed for Hannah and her husband Robbie.

Hannah Marks is an independent sales director with a skin care and cosmetics direct sales company, leading women for 15 years. She has been married to Robbie for 16 years and they have two beautiful children, Will 9 and London Elizabeth 4. Originally from Great Britain, Hannah recently became an American Citizen but still enjoys all things British! Hannah’s main goal in life is to watch others, especially women become all that God created to be! 

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