EP 078: Having Faith To Believe With Promise Tangeman

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When I surrender, when the fear comes and the thoughts come I say I trust you, God, acknowledging it is there and acknowledge God in this situation.
— Promise Tangeman

About Promise:

She lives in sunny California with her husband Brian and the pup who they affectionately call #thedogparker.

If we let it, our mental chatter will be something that robs us of our peace. The constant over thinking, and over analyzing. It’s exhausting — and in the end, really get’s us nowhere. When I asked Promise what her biggest takeaway has been during this season of her life she responded by saying that therapy has been something that changed her perspective on life. It’s kept her focus on the present, and helped her to ‘turn off her mind’.

What a concept right?

Honestly, I was so excited to talk to Promise. Her name literally at the top of my list when I decided to launch this podcast two years ago. A full circle moment. What I didn’t expect was to connect with her on such a deep level. A welcome surprise. Our conversation quickly became transparent and real, almost as if we were chatting over coffee in my living room.

Promise Tangeman is a boss in every sense, leading an exceptional team of designers at Go Live and the co-founder of Designer Vaca. She’s stylish, fun, and has a beautiful uniqueness about her. And she feels deep — and that comes across in this conversation. She shares with me her hope to one day become a mother and what her journey of infertility has been like. In turn, I share my hopes for marriage one day. And the tension of the in-between.

She lives in sunny California with her husband Brian and the pup who they affectionately call #thedogparker. This conversation is everything I hope for when I get the opportunity to share the story of a woman who lives bravely.


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