EP 081: Are You Facing Decision Fatigue With Stephanie Jackson

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Awareness with honesty and move to action.
— Stephanie Jackson

About Episode:

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, like you’re trying your hardest to tend to too many decision so you just stop making them altogether?

I know the feeling all too well. Being completely honest with you — I’ve been in jobs and relationships too long because I was unwilling to make a decision about what I really wanted. At the core was fear. Fear of failing, fear of being rejected and fear that I would disappoint myself and others.

Today I’ve got an amazing guest on the show, my friend and fellow life coach — Stephanie Rourke and she’s going to share some really practical questions that you can ask yourself so that you get out of the cycle of indecision.

Stéphanie Rourke Jackson is a CTI Co-Active Trained and IPSAT Certified Coach who specializes in helping people, women especially, discover with intention the fullness of their inspired identity so they can live life confidently. Her work centres primarily around how to understand the voice of the inner critic and overcome negativity.

Stéphanie is a mom of three older children and is married twice to her husband, Rob, of almost 27 years. She has lived experience with ADHD and infidelity. And, despite these obstacles, has found a way through faith to live with joy. Laughter, coffee, glass of wine on a patio with friends, nachos in bed with Rob, running, beachy vibes, classic rock music and the smell of asphalt after a summer rain are some of her favourite things!


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