EP 025: Living Your Legacy With Naomi Cowan


About This Episode:

'You need to walk in the legacy you were born into.'

In this episode of The Couragecast, Naomi and I chat about the journey she has been on to pursue her legacy as a musician and singer-songwriter in Jamaica. One of her biggest challenges has been pushing herself forward even though she had everything she needed to start her career. As a multi potentialite, she felt a pull towards different areas of media and communication. 

Naomi Cowan; a multi-disciplinary artist, has worked in the spotlight & behind the scenes as a vocalist, songwriter, media producer & television presenter for over 10 years. She was raised in the entertainment industry under the mentorship of her parents; impresario Tommy Cowan, OD and vocalist Dr. Carlene Davis- Cowan, OD. Tommy Cowan is well known for his involvement in Bob Marley’s career. Her mother, Carlene Davis a Canadian-Jamaican who is recognized by the music industry for her international success as a vocalist and community builder.

Naomi kickstarts her musical journey by releasing a tribute to reggae music in 2017
with her new single; ‘ThingsYou SayYou Love’ originally performed by The Jamaicans an award-winning rocksteady quartet from the 1960’s. 2017 marks the 50th year since the release of this iconic reggae song. The song was released late September with Zojak International Distribution, it can be found on all major digital platforms. Tommy Cowan co-wrote the song with Norris Weir. The song was also covered by British Reggae band UB40 in 2004. To further pay tribute to reggae music, Naomi collaborated with guitarist, vocalist, and producer from the international reggae-pop group ‘Magic!’, Mark Pelli on this project. Mark produced the track with Naomi and is featured as a guest vocalist. Mark is co-writer and producer of many award-winning and Billboard chart-topping songs including the group’s infectious single ‘Rude’.

Naomi’s personal credo is: “Live to Give”. She uses her voice to help serve the needs of youth, the underprivileged and the creative community. Currently, she is an ambassador & mentor for the We Transform Jamaica programme, an initiative led by Jamaica’s Ministry of National Security. She is the co-founder of ‘Studio Bud’ a social initiative established to build creative con dence in Gen-Z youth. She invests her time & efforts into mentoring young women of all backgrounds, leading small groups focused on personal development. Between 2012-2014, Naomi mentored a group of teen moms in Kingston, Jamaica under her brand NCouraged.

Naomi is sure to carve her own niche in the market as a musical artist that strives to empower audiences to nd their own voice and use it in a powerful way.


I believe that you really have everything you need to start moving forward courageously. When you have the tools you need you will be able to face your fear, and walk confidently towards your dreams. Download these powerful questions that will set you on the right path.