EP 077 Made For This With Alex Street

Movement, this idea that you have to be moving in your life, you are going to feel limited and purposeless, everyone else is doing something better, movement makes you feel more present where you are, you are more aware of what is going on.
— Alex Street

About Episode:

The tables are turning on me and I’m going to be coached on the podcast today. And can I just say that I absolutely LOVED it! There is no one I would have rather have coach me then my friend Alex Street. I had the opportunity to meet Alex this past summer when we were both serving at a church of a mutual friend. We connected instantly over shared interests and passions for empowering others.

Alex is a natural born story teller, he’s identifies as Enneagram Seven which means he’s super fun to have around. He’s a proud dad and husband. When he’s not auditioning for an acting gig you may find him recording his own podcast called ‘Made For This’, or coaching a millennial helping them to discover what they are made to do, or speaking at an event. 

Grab a pen and paper because Alex is about to walk you step by step through a process that will help you to overcome your limiting beliefs.


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