EP 071: A Journey To Olympic Gold With Meagan Duhamel

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When I was on the Olympic podium all I was thinking about was the journey.
— Meagan Duhamel

About Meagan:

At the age of three my guest today Meagan Duhamel already had big dreams for her life. She probably didn’t realize that she would be winning multiple Olympic medals at that age but by the time she was 14 she was serious enough about her career that she convinced her parents to let her move from her hometown of Lively Ontario to Barrie. It wasn’t the easiest transition but she was determined to continue her training as a skater. She started out as a singles skater but then switched to pairs, having two different partners. In 2010, Meagan thought her career might be coming to an end when she was unable to qualify for the Olympics. But shortly after she was introduced to Eric Radford who at the time seemed like an unlikely match.

The two went on to become Canadian legends. In 2018 two-time world champions Meagan Duhamel and her partner Eric Radford captured their seventh consecutive Canadian title, becoming one of the most decorated Canadian pair teams in history. A month later, then went on to win a Gold medal in the team event in Py (NK) and a Bronze medal in the pairs event. They are known to push the limits of their sport by challenging themselves to be better. Their signature element include death spiral, and quad throws. 

Duhamel and Radford continue to push the limits of the sport and are always challenging themselves to be better. With signature elements including stunning death spirals and quad throws, the strong and consistent pair continue to raise the bar season after season.

Meagan lives in Boucherville QC with her husband Bruno Marcotte who coincidentally is also her coach. Meagan studied holistic/naturpathic health and became a certified holistic nurtitionist in 2012. She became a vegan in 2008 and loves to share her love for nutrition and health. She also has two rescue dogs Theo and Mootae. 


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Discover the unlikely path Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford followed en route to the top of the world in figure skating. The Northern Ontario pairs skaters, who won a complete set of Olympic medals, reflect on how they developed a working relationship and honed their resilience in a sport that often left them bloodied and bruised. Ultimately, the two-time world champions earned the perfect, storybook ending to the sport they have adored since they laced up their first pair of skates.


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