"I joined Designed With Purpose during a pivotal time in my life. A moment when I could have ignored that small voice urging me to move forward. As a wife and mom, I was experiencing huge transition, and was not sure what to do with my creative abilities. I am now actively pursuing my gifts as an artist, and operate an airbnb with my husband. I am so glad that I said yes to what God placed on my heart." 

- Julie, Artist and Business Owner


"I came into the course believing that I had accomplished all I wanted in my life. As a working mother and grandmother, I was satisfied and fulfilled. What I did not anticipate was that my life would significantly change while being in Designed With Purpose. During my coaching session with Andrea, I realized that God had bigger plans for my life, and I had a new found desire to help others in their healing process. After completeing the course, I took a giant step and enrolled back in school, and am happy to say that I am now a certified health practitioner. My business is flourishing, and I am able to help others through natural remedies. It is truly a dream come true."

- Barb, Natural Health Practioner


"Designed With Purpose was the platform and catalyst for me to receive a deep inner healing in my life. I had buried the pain of a traumatic childhood experience that was holding me back from following my dreams and passions. During purpose group, I began to see what it would look like for me to walk in the healing and wholeness God offers. God began to align my dreams to his dreams for my life. It didn’t end there. Once our group concluded, I took a huge step of faith by leaving my full-time job in order to join an organization that brings freedom to women in human trafficking. God has done amazing things in my life, bringing healing and restoration. I am in awe of the impact those six weeks had on every aspect of my life."

- Amanda, Fight 4 Freedom Partner


"I had always wanted to pursue my passion for writing, but was paralyzed by my desire for perfection. Purpose Group was exactly what I needed, to help me think through my past and present, dreams and possibilities. Andrea's gentle but probing questions brought good pain, they lovingly crumbled those hard places inside me that had clung to pain and resisted change. I am now writing more than ever before."

- Vera, Writer and Professional


"I had reached a low point in my life, feeling discouraged about a failing business, and a lack of support from my friends. It was then that I decided to join Designed With Purpose and invest in coaching with Andrea. Immediately I realized there is something about her that is just so disarming, and throughout our coaching sessions I was able to open up and be totally honest about my life. She asked simple, powerful questions that helped me gain the clarity I needed to move forward. With her encouragement, I learned to problem solve for myself, and she showed me that I already had everything I needed right inside of myself. I have grown so much personally and spiritually. My business is more profitable that ever, I have purposeful friends, and bigger goals and dreams for myself than ever!" 

- Lindsey, Hairstylist and Business Owner


“As a musician and songwriter, I was discouraged and frustrated. I believe Designed With Purpose was a springboard to start helping me to get ‘unstuck’ both in my personal life and with my songwriting. It was obvious right from the start that being in the group was right where God wanted me. Since the group, I have been more creative than ever and am have started writing music again."

- Kristen, Educator and Singer Songwriter