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Are you a driven woman looking to take your success to the next level?



Imagine for a moment…

  • You were able to move beyond your fears and cultivate a mindset geared towards success

  • Clear away obstacles that have been holding you back and go after what you want with confidence

  • Learn how to discern that inner voice calling you into your purpose

  • Be apart of an uplifting group of women committed to personal growth and success

  • Truly believe in yourself again (or for the first time)


This is no ordinary membership

We’re an online collective of fiercely passionate women.


Deep down you know that you have more to offer the world. But becoming the woman who ‘goes for it’ is not as easy as it seems.

The truth is YOU can create a life you love, and silence the inner voice that wonders “is this all there is?”

Making the decision to go ALL IN is the first step. When you get real with yourself about why things haven’t worked out in the past you’ll have the clarity you need to embrace a new way of living.

We believe that when women are empowered they won’t take no for an answer. Instead, they take big risks and start their own companies, they face their fears of rejection and pursue loving relationships, and they access the potential deep within them.


Your membership to the Brave Collective will open the door of opportunity to you both personally and professionally. Instead of standing on the outside, you’ll have a seat at the table with the most gifted, creative, and passionate women across the globe.

In the collective, you’ll build your own inner circle of women, and make life-long friends with likeminded women.

Each month you’ll receive exclusive training with monthly coaching calls, worksheets and guided mediations. Here you’ll find your tribe, share ideas, team up on new ventures, and join real brave-hearted women who can help YOU succeed.


My name is Andrea Crisp and my super power is empowering women to fulfill their purpose and potential. For the past twenty years I have focused on equipping women with the tools to overcome doubt, fear, and their own limiting beliefs so that they can pursue their dreams and achieve success in every area of life.

My clients call me 'their secret weapon" because of my ability to empower them to move forward despite fear. 

In 2012 I authored the book 'Designed With Purpose' and am the podcast host of 'The Couragecast'. I am a certified life purpose and leadership coach with a masters in counselling.


A Message From Andrea



+ Who is the collective for?

Women who are passionate about moving their life forward, who are excited to make a difference in the world, and are ready and willing able to take on the challenge. We want you to come as you are, be diligent with the process, and expect great things to happen.

This membership will be perfect for you if you are entrepreneurial, in the creative industry, or are working on moving in that direction.

+ How does the collective work?

Over the next few months we will be in beta mode, working on a model that suits our members. It's important to us to have your feedback so that we can grow and improve.

In the fall we will be have our grand opening launch. But since you'll be guaranteed a spot as a founding member as long as you decide to stay enrolled. And your price will never increase. Should you feel like it's not a good fit we'll be sad to see you go.

+ What is included in the collective?

Each month you will be given exclusive training (video & audio) from your coach Andrea, and experts in the industry. There will be monthly Zoom coaching calls where you'll have the opportunity to apply to be coached live online. You will also recieve monthly guided mediations and worksheets.

You will have access to a private Facebook group to connect with others within the collective.


Get Results Like


"Coaching with Andrea made me recognize what has been holding me back and she worked with me to stomp all over the negative perspectives. "

I was definitely at a stand still with my business, not knowing how to push forward without a little help. My career was uncertain, making my whole life feel uncertain. I yearned for someone who a girlboss and could help me get there. Andrea gave me the tools and the confidence I needed to take ownership of my business and personal life. - Tara, Business Owner & Designer, Canada


“I have grown so much spiritually and personally. My business is more profitable than ever.”

I had reached a low point in my life, feeling discouraged about a failing business, and a lack of support from my friends. It was then that I decided to invest in coaching with Andrea. Immediately I realized there is something about her that is just so disarming, and throughout our coaching sessions I was able to open up and be totally honest about my life. She asked simple, powerful questions that helped me gain the clarity I needed to move forward. With her encouragement, I learned to problem solve for myself, and she showed me that I already had everything I needed right inside of myself. I have grown so much personally and spiritually. My business is more profitable that ever, I have purposeful friends, and bigger goals and dreams for myself than ever!- Lindsey, Business Owner & Hairstylist, USA


Registration opens October, 2019


Founders Membership

$297.00 (Introductory Price)