Dare to challenge the limits of the ordinary.


Designed with Purpose

is a six-week interactive online group coaching program that equips and empowers women to reach beyond their everyday life to pursue their God given purpose. This is no ordinary coaching program, prepare to be challenged not only see massive change in your life, but to make an impact on those around you. 

Discover how your unique talents and gifting’s when aligned with your values, can propel you towards your destiny. The group coaching component will inspire you move past your limiting beliefs to embrace the life you were meant to live. You will be inspired to dream greater dreams for your future, reignite your passions, and fulfill the purpose God created you for. 

Purpose coaching is done online in a group setting so you can be located anywhere in the world. Each week you will receive weekly video tutorials to accompany the curriculum. And best of all you will have access to a private Facebook community to interact with other amazing women that are on the same journey.  

Begins Wednesday, June 22, 2016



+ How does online group coaching work?

Group sessions are held online each week via SKYPE. This time is designed specifically for group interaction, to discuss each section, and to challenge one another. Don’t be fooled, online coaching is an extremely powerful tool. During your group sessions, Andrea will walk you through the curriculum and give you time to reflect by asking powerful and challenging questions.

+ Who is Designed With Purpose for?

Girls of all ages who are passionate about moving their life forward, who are excited to make a difference in the world, and are ready and willing able to take on the challenge. We want you to come as you are, be diligent with the process, and expect great things to happen.

+ What curriculum will be used?

Each week we will work through a section of Designed With Purpose, written by Andrea specifically for this group. A FREE ebook version will be sent to you upon enrollment. Hard copy versions of the book can be purchased on Amazon.



Designed With Purpose was birthed out of a small group of women that had big dreams, and open hearts to follow after God. Five years later, and hundreds of lives impacted, here are their stories.


"I discovered what I was meant to do after participating in the six week course dedicated to finding God's purpose. Knowing my purpose has made me understand the person I am today, and how God is using my experiences to fulfill his plan for my life. This has given me an abundance of joy, hope and appreciation for God's grace. It has also given me the motivation and vigor to want to fulfill my destiny. – Mabala, Uganda

“I believe this group was a springboard to start helping me to get ‘unstuck’. It was obvious right from the start that being in they group was right where God wanted me.’ – Kristen, USA

"Purpose Group was exactly what I needed, to help me think through my past and present, dreams and possibilities. Andrea's gentle but probing questions brought good pain, they lovingly crumbled those hard places inside me that had clung to pain and resisted change" – Vera, Canada

Heart to heart conversations with the fellow purpose sisters served as a reminder that I am not alone on this journey and I found that very encouraging.” – Beza, Canada

"The online purpose group came to me at a pivotal time in my life. A moment when I could have ignored that small voice urging me to move forward. I am glad that I said yes. It was a beautiful time with some very lovely ladies. Andrea is a talented leader and life coach. I completely and unreservedly recommend these purpose groups. You will not be disappointed." – Julie, USA

"Being a part of the Designed With Purpose was one of the best decisions I have made for my personal growth. The one thing that stood out to me about Andrea, is her drive to really meet everyone at the level they are at and help them see where God can take them. That itself is powerful!" – Paulina, Canada





Includes six weeks of online group coaching, access to private Facebook group, and weekly video tutorials. 




Includes six weeks of online group coaching, access to private Facebook group, weekly video tutorials, one individual coaching session, and six weekly email check in's. 

We are fully committed to your success, but if after the first group session you don’t believe it is the right fit for you, we will refund you 100% of the total amount.