EP 070: Where Are They Now?


During season three we tried something brand new. We recorded some of the coaching conversations I had within The Brave Mastermind. They were real, honest and vulnerable and I applaud each and everyone for sharing their journey's with you. 

Today we catch up with two of the women who I had conversations with, Amanda and Abby to find out what happened after coaching and to see where they are now.

In episode 051 we heard from Amanda who was experiencing some difficulty in sharing her opinion and be her true self within her relationships. She talked about her desire to see more restoration within the church community. Connect with Amanda at @mananders on Instagram.

In episode 057 we heard from Abby who is also the founder of The Truly Movement. During our conversation, she shared how she was struggling with defining success in her life and the desire that she had to provide a platform for women to share their stories. Connect with Abby at @trulyabby_ on Instagram or @thetrulymovement

I want to thank all of the women who shared their stories with us throughout season three. Seeing each and every one of them flourish and thrive is pretty amazing. And thanks to Amanda and Abby for catching us up on what is happening in their lives. 

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