EP 068: The Search For Significance


It's no secret that your mindset can radically shift the course of your life. For many years I had bought into the lie that I would never be enough for others, that I would always be in lack and that I better get used to standing at the end of the line. 

It took me being wracked with physical and emotional pain to understand that I needed to break the lie that I would always live in uncertainty and fear. There was more for me but I had to first believe that it was possible.

Scarcity is a lie and if you're living in a place where you feel as though you need to prove yourself, where you're always vying for a seat at the table then you may be living with a mentality of lack.

In this weeks episode of The Couragecast, I'm sharing how I am personally dismantling the lie of scarcity in my life and I invite you to join me on the journey.

Join me for a 5 Day Abundance Challenge starting November 19, 2018.

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