EP 054: Do you feel confident in your body?

A Conversation With Tania Kolesnik


About This Episode:

We always love having Tania on The Couragecast. There is something so magnetic about her personality and the way she communicates. During this episode, we get an opportunity to talk about 'body confidence' and what that really means to us. 

A few months back Tania posted a beautiful photo of herself in a two-piece swimsuit. It was a sort of coming out for her -- a way to love herself on her 30th birthday. So many of her followers loved and commented on the post.

All too often we curate what we want others to see because we are afraid to show who we really are. I love that Tania has been unapologetic about who she is as a wife, mom, and entrepreneur. 

The conversation we have during this episode is just a starting point. I really believe we need to be talking more about how we can be confident as women - body, soul and spirit. 


Connect With Tania:

Instagram + County Collective

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