EP 052: Overcoming Money Mindsets With Octavia Ramirez

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About This Episode:

As with anything, our mindset around money will either be what sets us free or keeps us bound to the past. My guest today is the founder of Paper and Coin. She has been on her own money journey and now helps millennials as a financial coach. I learned so much from her and I know you will to. We talk about the money mindsets we learned from our parents, how difficult it can be navigating comparison with how fast others appear to be doing. She gives some practical advice about you can set boundaries for yourself and the importance of generosity as a principle at every stage of our financial journey. 


Octavia Ramirez is the Founder/CEO of Paper & Coin, a financial coaching company for Millennials, based in Toronto, Canada. She's also a contributing financial and business writer for Girlboss.com, Tangerine Bank, and several fintech startups across North America. When she's not running her company or writing, she's co-hosting a podcast, About That Life, with her husband, and traveling the world collecting Starbucks' mugs. 



Connect With Octavia:

Instagram + www.paperandcoin.ca


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