EP 047: Rising Together With Kristin Molenaar

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About This Episode:

I have no less value even when I don’t feel like I’m pouring value out in the way that I love to do.

As entrepreneurs and creatives, we need to stop looking at each other as competition and start looking at each other as a community. In this episode, I am talking to the Founder of Relevant Entrepreneur about how we can identify our own zone of genius and surround yourself with people who know more than we do. 

Kristin Molenaar is the President and Founder of relevantentrepreneur.com, an online platform that exists to equip and empower women to pursue their God-given business dreams. Kristin is passionate about helping others discern God's call on their life and then encouraging them to take bold action. She's in love with Jesus, her husband and all things entrepreneurialism.



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