EP 045: Living A Life That Amuses Your Soul

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About This Episode:

“What are you going to do for the world, and are you going to step up into it."

My guest today lives her life by the motto that 'everyone should live a life that amuses their soul,’ and has built her life and business around creating a life that really matters. In this episode, we talk about the joy that is found when we are able to help others succeed in business and make an impact on the world. 

Annabelle Bayhan, MBA is a business strategist and an advocate for positive leadership in society. She believes in living a vibrant & balanced life while using business as a force for good. Annabelle has over a decade of experience coaching small business owners in business foundation, digital marketing, and launch strategies. Annabelle uses her experience in project management, design thinking, marketing, and technology to help business owners grow their businesses while making a positive impact.

Annabelle lives in San Francisco, California where she pursues her passions for fitness, the arts, and a healthy mind and body. She lives with her husband Murat and their young son. Even though she works hard managing projects for her clients while running a successful coaching practice Annabelle still has lots of adventures.


Connect With Annabelle:

Instagram + www.annabellebayhan.com


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