EP 043: Owning Your Story With Kay Fabella


About This Episode:

"Our stories are our most powerful tool and our most powerful currency for connection." 

Owning your story can be very empowering not only in our personal lives, but in business as well. Today I’m chatting with Kay Fabella about the process we go through as entrepreneurs to connect with one another through the power of story. As a business strategist and story teller, Kay describes the process in which we go through when we are looking to pivot in our careers and how we can help bring others along on the journey. 

Kay is a Los Angeles native, living in Madrid Spain who crafts words for purpose-driven entrepreneurs to pivot with purpose and connect with the people they were meant to serve. She's a world-recognized speaker, author and trainer who's been featured in international media like the Huffington Post and El País. She's also the co-founder of Brand in a Bottle, a boutique bilingual branding agency.


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