EP 041: Beauty In The Trying With Shalon Ironroad

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About This Episode:

As women, we all have a tendency to undervalue who we are and not really play to our strengths. In this episode, Shalon Ironroad opens up about the journey she has been on to be fully present in her life not only as an entrepreneur but as a mother. Shalon gives us practical insight on how to focus on who we are instead of what we do because that is how we can bring our unique gifts to the world.

Shalon is on a mission to help women feel the power and light they already have inside of them. She is the author of The Tale of Little Tree: A Fable About Courage, which is an invitation to understand who you truly are and what you’re capable of and have the courage to choose growth — even (and especially!) with all of its clumsiness and struggles.

A military wife, mom of 3, and business consultant, Shalon has learned how to use courage to find peace and confidence during times of self-doubt, overwhelm, and uncertainty to create success and joy.

She loves teaching young (+ young-at-heart) women about leadership, confidence, and real beauty. She has spoken with both teenagers and adults about faith, leadership, courage, well-being, and motherhood.

Shalon is passionate about helping women feel strengthened and supported in their efforts to shine within their orbits – as wives, mothers, friends, and leaders —  and answer the call every day to “something bigger”.


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