EP 039: When Life Hands You Lemons With Rachel Kelly


About This Episode:

Something that I actually learned is that taking some time for yourself, going to bed early or feeding yourself a really healthy dinner that is work as well. Your business has to be healthy and you are your business. - Rachel Kelly

 In this episode of I am chatting with the founder of an all-female co-working space here in Toronto called 'Make Lemonade'. During our conversation, Rachel Kelly shares all about what it takes to have a successful startup, how to create healthy boundaries in life and business and when to say no to opportunities that just don’t work for you. 

Rachel’s first “real” job was a typical 9-5 desk gig where she would spend most days daydreaming how she would redesign the office and where her next adventure would be. When the reality of freelancing with an unstable paycheque hit her hard, she decided to make lemonade. She spent a year researching coworking, studying the market, searching for an office space, battling renovation nightmares, 'till she was finally able to open her very own coworking space, Make Lemonade.


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