EP 017: Courage Found Me With Tania Kolesnik


About This Episode:

'It’s part of my biggest blessing. Courage found me on my knees in the dark on the worst day. Courage can only help you flourish if you rid yourself of your ego or any kind negative self-talk that would tell you that you can't do it. Depression does that for you. It takes almost everything so once you have nothing, courage helps you rebuild.'


Tania Kolesnik proudly lives in Prince Edward County, Ontario where she un-schools her two children, Henri & Magnolia. She owns & operates County Collective, a collaborative space featuring a pop-up shop & soon to be vacation rental in the heart of beautiful Bloomfield, PEC. Tania has been blogging for just over 6 years & her feed is full of her strong messages highlighting the importance of mental health, body positivity & all around women’s empowerment.

With a zest for self-love & abundant personal growth, Tania is a unique voice who doesn’t shy away from embracing challenges while applying what she’s learned to be fearless in her creative endeavours. She, alongside her husband Dustin, are true entrepreneurs who dare to live life unconventionally with their family, gratitude & a push to inspire others at the core of what they do. They’re currently working hard to expand their business with many new projects in the work & are looking forward to seeing what the next few years have in store for their family. 

In this episode, Tania and I chat about the struggle she faced after the birth of her two children and how depression became the catalyst to leaving the city for a more peaceful life in Prince Edward County. 

Connect with Tania:

www.countycollectivepec.com, www.taniakolesnik.com, Instagram, Pinterest

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