EP 002: Redefining Failure With Lisa Gilroy

Lisa Gilroy 2.jpg

About This Episode:

Welcome to episode #002 of The Couragecast. In this episode I am chatting with my friend, actress and comedian Lisa Gilroy, about how she has been able to navigate success and failure both privately and in front of an audience. Don't let the laughs fool you, this girl is full of pure gold. 


Lisa Gilroy is an alumna of the Second City’s House Company and current ensemble of The Second City Toronto’s National Touring Company. She is the Canadian Screen Award nominated host of YTV’s The Zone and Undercover High as well as a member of the Canadian Comedy Award winning sketch troupe, The Sketchersons. Lisa has been featured in Just For Laugh’s New Faces showcase, performed at comedy festivals across the country, and has written for various television projects across YTV (Big Fun Movies, The Zone) and CBC kids (CANAdooDAday).

Lisa can be found on her website www.lisagilroy.com, or connect with her on Twitter & Instagram


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