EP 010: Messy Is Allowed With Kyla Roma


Welcome to episode #010 of The Couragecast. In this episode of The Couragecast, I’m chatting with Kyla Roma, business coach and strategist about the beauty and pain of navigating burn out being diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and how that gave her the push she needed to become more self aware both personally and professionally. 


Kyla Roma is a digital strategist and business coach who teaches gutsy small business owners, bloggers and creative entrepreneurs how to shake off uncertainty and confidently grow their business.

She helps clients uncover unexpected opportunities, create profitable systems, build community and double down on their strengths. Her step-by-step and measurable approach makes social media, content marketing, business growth and digital strategy less stressful and more profitable. Kyla and her husband Jesse (not James, as I mentioned in the podcast -- sorry Jesse) live in Winnipeg Manitoba. 

Check out Kyla's blog post:

The Worry, The Wait, And a Diagnosis

How I Live (Mostly Happily!) With Depression And Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Connect with Kyla at kylaroma.com


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