EP 040: Getting Up After We Fail


Why do you think we have such a hard time with failure? Im pretty sure that Ive avoided failure my entire life, which has also kept me playing small for many years. Now Ive mentioned this many times before, but Im a ONE on the Enneagram (the perfectionist - or perfectionist in recovery). For me failure was just not an option. Neither was risk. Either I knew something was going to be a success so I did it, or I didnt do anything at all. 

There are many reasons why we try to avoid failure, here are a few:

  • We don’t want others to know our weaknesses
  • We think if we try and fail that our dream won’t come true
  • We may have to accept responsibility for something not working

It doesn't really matter what you are wanting to do with your life, in your business, or in relationships. Failure is inevitable at some point. But there are so many lessons that we can take away from having to fail.  

  1. Failure gives us EXPERIENCE and with it comes fresh perspective. 
  2. Failure instills in us RESILIENCE and teaches us to have courage. 
  3. Failure reveals what you VALUE and that in turn makes space for creativity.

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