EP 038: Having A Winning Mindset With Andrea Crisp


Now that the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang has come to a close I am almost at a loss for what to do with my free time. For the past two weeks, I was captivated by winter sports and elite athletes who compete at the highest level on the world biggest stage. It amazes me the time and energy that these Olympians have dedicated to being the best in their sport. And although it takes some very special to be an Olympian, it takes something even greater to be an Olympic Champion. In this episode, I'm breaking down what we can learn from these amazing athletes and how having a winning mindset can be applied to our lives as well. 

  1. See your mistakes as a way to grow and learn

  2. Be coachable

  3. Never give up

  4. Develop a strong work ethic

  5. Guard your mind


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