EP 022: Word Of The Day With Andrea Crisp


In This Episode:

'The word you choose for the year will set your course for what is to come.' 

If you could choose one word to encapsulate what you desire for this coming year what would it be? Love, hope, creativity, momentum, financial freedom? In this minisode, I share with you why I decided to choose a word for the year and how that word continues to impact my decision making throughout the course of a year. 

Choosing one word to be your overarching theme will likely emerge from what you are hoping to see in every area of your life. You may want to approach finding your word by what your heart is telling you, or perhaps you want to be more practical and use it to set goals. If you choose the latter then ask yourself the following question. What do you want to see happen in your career, relationships, finances, physical health, emotional and spiritual health and recreation?


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