EP 013: The Myth Of Work-Life Balance With Andrea Crisp


About This Podcast:

In an ideal world, what would your life look like? In this episode of The Couragecast, I’ll be answering a great question that was sent to me from Karin in Montreal. She asked, ‘why is the word balance so important, can I actually live a balanced life?’. I’ll debunk the myth that all we need is work-life balance to be happy. It’s time to redefine what success really looks like. 


My version of success will be different than yours — and that’s ok. You may value more relational time than I do. I may value financial stability more than you do. Whatever the case, success is what you prioritize and value in your life.  

As I was preparing for this podcast I came across an incredible article in the Harvard Business Review. This article was written about the four characteristics that are most commonly found in people who achieve success. I will link the article for you in the show notes. 

The first characteristic of someone who has achieved success is that they have understood what happiness looks like in their life. They know how to get out there and enjoy life and to take time to do things that bring them joy. When you think about your life, can you pinpoint the area’s in your life that truly bring you happiness? Or are you so focused on success that you have forgotten to enjoy your life?

The second characteristic is achievement. Those who have become successful have followthrough on the goals that they set for themselves. They have been able to achieve different milestones in their career, financial life, and have stayed the course even when things got tough. Have you been able to see your achievements as success? Are you moving towards your goals, or trying to do too many things at once in hopes that you will find balance. 

The third characteristic is that successful people have significant relationships with the people closest to them. They have not distanced themselves from those they love, they have found ways to spend more meaningful time with their friends and family. Who are the significant relationships in your life? Are you investing in those people?

And the fourth is legacy. Successful people are leaving the world a better place than they found it. They have discovered their specific purpose and are intentional about living it. Are you making a mark on the world, or are you just going through the motions.