High Performance Coaching


High Performance coaching will help you achieve your leadership goals, and give you the tools to overcomes challenges. Whether you are striving towards results in your organization, or preparing to advance to a new career opportunity this ten-session coaching program will empower with the self confidence to move yourself forward and take massive action in your professional life. 


What to expect during High Performance Coaching:


1) Discover strengths.

By taking the Strengths Finder we will look at what makes the individual unique and effective as a leader, and how to leverage these unique strengths to communicate culture and lead effectively. 

2) Understand personality and behaviour.

By taking the Enneagram Assessment we will discover how to effectively lead by becoming more self-aware. This assessment pinpoints potential pitfalls as well as gives guided instruction at how overcome them. 

3) Realize personal and professional potential.

In this session, we will dig into possible limiting beliefs and how to retrain thought patterns to become more confident and resilient. 

4) Build healthy relationships.

In this session, we will talk the importance of relationships (personally and professionally), the importance vulnerability, and how to navigate and resolve workplace conflict or tension.

5) Discover motivators and values.

In this session, we will uncover hidden motivators that may be keeping the individual stuck or unable to move forward. Through the values assessment, the client will discover how to align their personal values with those of the company and how to translate them in the workplace.

6) Gain clarity in career development.

In this session, we will look at goal setting in all area’s of life and career while determining what area’s need growth. 

7) Develop effective decision-making strategies.

In this session, we will talk about the power of confident decision making and how to establish healthy boundaries. 

8) Implementing healthy structures and habits.

In this session, we will discover what may be holding the individual back by evaluating habits as well as how to retrain thought patterns. 

9) Inspiration and passion. 

In this session, we will discover what makes the individual come alive through culture, faith, relationships

10) Vision for the future and develop life message. 

In this session, the client will spend time visioning for the future of their career personally and professionally. By developing a clear life message, the individual will be able to share their story succinctly and with impact and purpose. 


How we will work together: 

  • Twelve individual coaching sessions through Zoom Conference Call.
  • Guided Assessments (Enneagram and Strengths Finder).
  • Weekly email check in's for support and encouragement.
  • Investment for coaching is $2499.00 + tax. 

Schedule a 30 minute Strategy Session and let's get started!