Why Purpose Is Found In Community

If you had all the resource (including time, money and people) available to you, what would you do with it? I love asking people this question, and get so excited when I get to hear their response. 

Quite likely you might respond by saying that you want to write a book about your life experiences so that you can help someone else going through the same struggles. Perhaps, you would share about your concern for others and  how you want to open a home for unwanted children so that they could experience a love they have never known. You might even tell me that you would pay off all your existing debts so that you can take better care of your family. 

I have asked this question many times. Of all the times I have asked a friend or a client that question, the answer has never been about amassing their own wealth or fame. Even if it would be nice to have all the riches in the world, that would not bring about purpose and fulfillment. 

Our dreams are definitely a huge indicator of the purpose for which we have been designed. You better believe that God created us to have vision, and to be challenged to walk it out in our every day lives. But why does He want us to know our purpose, and where is it found?

I believe our purpose is found in the bonds of relationship. With our creator and in the context of community. The big question I want to ask is, ‘would we really be living out our purpose if it only directly effected our own life?’ I believe the answer to that is a resounding, ‘NO'.

  • Purpose is found by being vulnerable in relationship.

The ability to be transparent with your struggles and challenges will propel you further than you ever thought possible. Lean into relationship. Although we are often tempted to isolate, we must resist it at all costs. 

  • Purpose is found in partnership with a greater vision than our own.

Vision grows and is fostered when we are in collaboration. Maybe you have vision for your own life, ministry or business. That’s awesome! But ask God where He may want you to partner with a vision greater than what you own now. This will not only expand your vision, but challenge you to think bigger. 

  • Purpose is found when we learn to overcome conflict.

The temptation to cut and run during conflict is often one of the biggest reasons people never see their purpose come to pass. Don’t bail on conflict, work it out.

  • Purpose is found by moving through transition.

Our purpose walks us through seasons, and each of those seasons come with change and transition. Embrace change, and walk out your transition with integrity.

  • Purpose is found when we connect others to God. 

It’s not really about us! Whoa, mind blown. It’s all about Him! 

Are you living your purpose in the context of community? If one of these area's hits on a nerve then is may be that you need to focus on that area. Purpose is not all about our individual lives, it is outworked when we are working together to affect change and point others to God. 

Together we are better!


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