What Are You Believing For This Christmas?

Over the past few days, I have been written two different blogs, and felt ‘meh’ about both of them resulting in pressing the delete button. Kinda what I want to do on this year. DELETE. Anyways, here I am with attempt number three… hopefully this one is a keeper. I’ve been asking myself, ‘what do you (as the reader) need to hear, and what will bring you the most value this holiday season?’ Not gonna lie, it’s a hard one. 

So here’s what I have been thinking…

  • You may be feeling super overwhelmed at the thought of facing christmas alone.
  • Maybe you are dreading going home to a room full of family who just don’t understand you.
  • There are some of you that may have experienced tremendous loss and disappointment this year. 
  • Perhaps you have been met with discouragement and feel defeated personally and professionally.

Life can be tough my friend, and our expectations can go unfulfilled and leave us feeling ‘shitty’ (can I say that?). So what do we do about that? Can we possibly face the holidays with a ‘cheesy’ pasted grin on our face, and pretend that everything in our lives is amazing. 

As the year has been winding down, I have been doing some reflection of my own. Evaluating where I was able to hit the mark, and to be honest about those things I failed at doing. Yikes! And since I am one of those people who really needs to have everything in life go just ‘perfectly’, this is one of the most painful things to be honest about. I grew a lot AND failed a bunch this year. 

But even with all of the unmet expectations in my life, the one thing I have learned is that to the extent that I believe… I will receive. That was a hard lesson, because I let a ton of my own limiting beliefs determine the outcome of what was happening in my life. Maybe you have done the same thing. 

So here is the big question… what are you believing for this Christmas (and beyond)? And, no I’m not just talking about what you are hoping for in terms of gifts. I’m talking about those deep heart expectations. The ones you know God has been speaking to you about, but you have been too afraid to utter words to. 

  • Financial breakthrough.
  • A new job.
  • Love.
  • To move past hurt.

Whatever you are believing for, it all starts with the understanding that you are worth the outcome. That you deserve good things, and that you have not been passed over or forgotten. Yes, it’s that simple. 

So, take a few minutes this season to thank God for where you’ve been (good and bad), and then acknowledge your need to have a change of heart and mind to believe for the great things God has in store for you. After all he sent us the greatest gift of all in his son Jesus, and that grace is all we really need. 

I am believing great things for you my friend. Sending you much love this holiday season.

Merry Christmas!