The Best Time To Set Your Goals

A few years ago I decided it way high time that I really started getting serious about what I wanted out of my life. It may have had something to do with turning forty, but whatever it was I am so glad that I did. I was tired of letting life happen to me, and not really feeling in control about what my life looked like. It started slowly by making a list of things I wanted to do in my fortieth year, and then progressed to really being intentional about the goals I had for my life.

But if I’m completely honest with you… I wasn’t really sure what I wanted at that point. And, that was half my problem. 

For most of my life I had allowed myself to believe that life just happens, and that we just have to roll with the punches. Pretty sad, right? That was until I decided that I was going to finally chart the course for my life and make a plan to get where I wanted to go. It was great, I finally was going to have some direction. It was then and there that I started making goals. Really big goals at that. It was all well and good… until…  I realized none of my goals were even attainable for the season of life I was in. It was pretty discouraging, and extremely frustrating. Now that I knew better, I still was unsure at how to go about getting there. 

Fast forward a couple of years… here I am in 2016 ready to take on a brand new year more excited than ever for what I will be able to accomplish. Why? Because I have learned not only how to set goals for myself, but how to determine whether or not they are practical. It was all about really determining what was important to me, establishing what my priorities were and then getting super specific. 

Perhaps you can relate to me. You have high hopes for your life, but you find it so hard to make it happen. Do you lack time, resources and sometimes the know how. Here are a few goal setting tips to get you started:

Step One: Set aside an entire day to allow yourself to be distraction free. Unplug from social media, email and anything else that may keep your attention away from focusing on your priorities. 

Step Two: Determine where mistakes were made in the past 12 months; what worked and what did not. 

Step Three: Decide what is most important in every area of your life, and prioritize where you would like to see growth in your career, physical health and recreation, spiritual health, relationships, and finances. 

Step Four: Choose three categories to focus on and develop an immediate action step to take in each area.

Step Five: Stay accountable to a coach, friend or partner. 

There is no better way to see yourself really achieve your goals and dreams than by setting a plan for yourself. Your dreams won’t come to life by wishing, it is time to start making a plan and staying accountable to see it through. 

These are some great steps that will get you started on your goal setting journey, but for a more detailed plan click on the video below. If you are ready to be intentional about your goals for 2017, enroll in an online goal setting course designed to empower you to live on purpose. 

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