Do You Have Enough Faith?

What happens when you have a dream deep inside of you, but it seems as if everything in the world conspires against it? It may seem as though you take one step forward only to take several back. It’s easy to feel like all hope is lost. Wouldn't it be easier to throw in the towel? To say the ‘hell’ with it, and move on.

The answer may be within your reach, but seemingly out of your grasp. After all you wake up every day, and hustle to make your mark. But, it can get tiring, and you may be wondering if it really worth fighting for. 

Alright my friend, has your faith (your hope) taken a beating? After you have meditated and searched the scriptures for verses to reignite your faith, do you feel as though you are at the end of your rope?

Take heart!

I’m surrounded by amazingly talented individuals. A lot of my friends are young entrepreneurs, artists, and up and coming musicians who are out there doing great things, changing the world.  I know that they have been working for years to see their dreams come to pass. But they are not waiting passively, they wait in expectation. 

Often that is where we go wrong. When we wait passively we become lazy in our thinking, and our hope gets buried underneath the piles of disappointment. But, when we wait with expectancy, our hope is focused on what is to come. 

I know it might seem easier said than done. Trust me. I’m right there with ya. I have big dreams. The kind of dreams that are only possible with God. It can get hard to watch friends and loved ones breakthrough to their promise, and yet wonder if God is ever going to come through on what he has spoken to you. 

Take courage! 

If the fight has been long and you have given up hope, find your strength in God. It may seem counter intuitive to stop the hustle in order for your dream to come to pass. Take courage in what God is doing, and that the character being built along the way will not only sustain you but elevate you to where he wants you to be.

Sometimes it is not just about the dream, but about who you are becoming while the dream is taking root in your life. The dream God has for you can only be sustained by who you are becoming right here and right now. Choose to wait with expectancy, and see what God will do!

Together we are better!


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