Do The Next Right Thing

Sometimes our dreams live in far away places, out of reach, and beyond the scope of our understanding or possibility. They often reside in the 'impossible', and I believe that is where they should remain. Now, before you decide to check out, hear me out. If all of our dreams were possible, we would never work to achieve them.

Dreams are just an expression of our unfulfilled hopes and desires. We have them because we were wired to long for more. To expect more, and do more. But, a dream is only a hope unless it is accompanied by action. 

I have been a consummate dreamer for my entire life, always imagining what could be and hoping that my wildest dreams would come to pass. And trust me some of my dreams are pretty crazy. But what I failed to see throughout a majority of my life is that my dreams would remain impossible unless I was willing to work for them. They would not just happen all on their own. 

My dreams although amazing also became my nemesis. They eluded me. It was as if they did not want to be found, let alone captured. I can’t tell you how many countless times I became disillusioned and discouraged because my dreams simply could not be realized. My heart was torn and my spirit shattered because although I knew I was meant for more. I could never attain what I believed possible for my life. But the reality was that I did recognize the cost involved in achieving them.

What does your heart yearn for?

To write a comedy sketch for SNL, maybe to quit your job and go back to school, or to start your own company or non profit. Let me ask you... 

If you could do anything, even if it seems impossible now would you still pursue it?

Or, have you stopped dreaming for your future?

Dreams are meant to compel us to action, but it takes discipline to reach out and grab them. They are not for the faint of heart and never just casually just happen upon anyone. No matter what anyone tells you. What are you doing to reach for your dreams? 

Step by step we move towards our destiny, closer to the purpose God has designed us for. It never happens immediately. He never wanted it that way. If it were too easy then we would not grow in capacity and character. Maybe you have been in a season where you have experienced extreme frustration, or discouragement has clouded your view. The pain of rejection can be debilitating. 

If you have ever had the privilege of seeing one of your dreams come to pass you know how quickly that dream fades into the background as you go on in search of a bigger dream. Just when we grab hold we realize that there is something that is even better. 

So how do you get there?

Consistency. Everyday choose to do the next right thing. One step after another, take the steps necessary towards seeing your dream fulfilled. Start with what you have in your hand right now. 

Discipline. The reason not everyone reaches their dream is because they don’t have the correct habits that will help them gain the traction they need to move forward. Making good habits takes time and will require you to give up other things. 

Believe. Having the right mindset will not only propel you towards our dreams but will allow you to experience them. Don’t allow defeat to crowd your thoughts, get rid of every limiting belief that holds you back.

Start by doing the next right thing. Achieve your dream one step at a time!

We are better together!


Stop Waiting, Start Living

There is nothing I hate more than waiting. I’m that person that shows up 'right on time', not minutes before, and generally not late. I guess you could say I am a quality time person; which by definition means that I guard my time. Although, I love spending time with people, and give my time and attention to amazing things, I also guard every moment. This can be a good thing, but it also has its drawbacks. Safe guarding my time has meant keeping a tight reign on my resources, dreams and destiny. 

I’ve spent many years waiting. Let’s start with the obvious; waiting to be married. I’m a single girl in my 40’s who never got married, and has never been close to being married. So for many years I waited for life to start, and for things to fall into place. I became accustomed to my life, and to this place of waiting. To be honest, I got really comfortable sitting around waiting. But more than that, I was waiting for my life to begin. All of my friends had moved on, having kids, doing great things and my life was standing still. 

Is your life standing still?

Are you in the process of waiting for something to happen in your life that will change everything? Maybe you are in the late stages of finishing school so that you can get your dream job - so you’re waiting. Perhaps you have been married for sometime, and are now trying to have children, but it is not happening - so you wait. There are many reasons we wait; for healing, to get out of debt, to get in better shape, or to finally have the time we need to make a change. 

Standing the place of waiting can be isolating and painful. Waiting for a dream or a promise to come to life can be very lonely and potentially debilitating. If you are waiting, I want to encourage you to step forward. It’s time to take ownership of your life. 

When I say take ownership it means that I believe we can be actively moving towards something greater than we even knew possible. Maybe you have heard this expression a time a or two “I am waiting on God”. I’ve said it. Let’s be real here. That phrase became my excuse to sit and do nothing. I was waiting on God to do something that He had already positioned me for. Waiting on God was never meant to be passive, it is something that should be active in our lives. 

We can begin moving forward when we are willing to risk the position God has placed us in, and when we allow Him to use us in our current circumstances. This may be hard to hear because you believe that God has given you a dream or a promise and you have not seen it come to pass. In no way am I saying to give up and move on. In fact, what I am telling you is to hold the dream before Him and then take a step towards your destiny. You’ll know if you overstep. If that’s the case, then take a step back. Take a risk. Start living your life! 

It may start with something as simple as applying for new job, or contacting an old friend for coffee. Perhaps you may be sensing it something bigger like starting a new business. Be faithful with what God has given you. Serve where He has placed you. You are already living your life. 

What change can you make right now to begin taking ownership over your life?

We are better together.