Why Comparison Will Kill Your Destiny

Have you ever walked into a party, rockin’ a brand new outfit that you were so excited to wear, looking absolutely amazing, only to find out that you didn’t get the memo and everyone else was dressed for a lesser occasion? Although you felt good, and looked fabulous, all of the sudden it’s like you can’t get out of there fast enough. You search to find the escape route somewhere to no avail. You are that girl!

So maybe you have, or maybe it’s just me. When I was 13 years old I couldn't wait to hanging out with older (and much cooler) kids at church. I was so excited to finally be going to the youth Christmas formal, and I was going to put my best foot forward. Pulling up in my parents mini van wearing my emerald green satin dress (yes, it was the 80’s), I quickly noticed everyone else was dressed super casually. How did I not know! My heart sank. It was my coming out, and I looked ridiculous wearing my formal dress. There was no way I was getting out of that van.

With the help of an older girl at the party, she and my mom managed to coerce me out of the van, and with a little convincing I began to own what I was wearing. That was a defining moment in my life when I realized that I could either be myself or like everyone else. 

How often do you wonder if you stand out in the crowd, or blend with the status quo? It may seem tempting to want to be different, but when everyone else is following the latest fad, isn’t it just easier to go with the flow. 

As women, we are so quick to want to jump on the latest band wagon of fashion and trend. Admit it. You do it too! We all have that gorgeous friend who just seems to know exactly what to wear, and how to wear it. Or, the friend that seems to always get a promotion at work, and is climbing that ladder with no glass ceiling in sight. And, we just sit back and watch. Sidelined in the comparison trap. 

Ok ladies, who has compared themselves to their best friend, jealous that she got engaged first? Or, in some cases... wondered how long it would take for us to finally get recognized for our talent when everyone else seems to get noticed first. Same same, just different. In case you are wondering, YOU are not alone!

But here’s the deal. Comparison will rob you of your purpose. It snatches away your true potential, keeping you locked in anxiety and the fear that you will never measure up. That you will never be good enough. 

Isn’t high time you threw off the weight of trying to be like everyone else, and accepted that you were made uniquely, created like no one else on earth. It’s ok if you want to run down the road less traveled, or desire to make changes no one else is courageous enough to pursue. 

Kick comparison in the teeth. Tell it that YOU can’t be stopped, and don’t plan on giving into the fear and insecurity.

Be a change maker. Wear what you want. And, let go of the idea that you have to be on the same timeline as everyone else. After all, how boring would it be if we were all the same?

How can you starting living your best life today?

We are better together!


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