Your Purpose Matters

The word ‘purpose’ seems really over used these days, and yet it's the one thing we all seem to be searching for. Some sort of significance, a reason for our life to mean something. It could be because we feel like all of our ‘shitty’ experiences have to count for something. Seriously, why would we have to go through so much, if our lives weren’t meant to impact the greater good of the world.

When I was in my third year of teaching, I had a student ask me if it would be alright for him to practice guitar in my classroom after school. He was moderately talented at the time (he’s now an insane professional musician), but that’s another story. As we sat there, he continued to play through the same song over and over until he had finally mastered that section of the song. To be honest, I sat at my desk feeling a little underwhelmed with my life. Was this all there was for me? I couldn’t imagine my life thirty years down the road from now doing the same thing I was doing that day.

Now, I have nothing but the utmost respect for the teaching profession. In fact, we need more great teachers. But that day, I desperately wanted my life to count, and there seemed to be little hope of really following after the dreams that I'd been working so hard to accomplish. More than anything my desire was to leave teaching to become a professional singer. I imagined where I would go, what stages I might stand on, and everything about it seemed like it was meant to be. 

But, that day something crazy happened to me. As I sat listening to my student, I heard the voice of the holy spirit. In an instant I knew that everything in my life was about to change. As clear as day, I heard him say that if I invested in the lives of others, my platform would be bigger than anything I would ever do on my own. 

You may find yourself in this story; slightly dissatisfied with your life. Dreaming of better things, of feeling more alive. It’s likely you’ve worked hard to get where you are, but now that you're there it doesn’t seem as fulfilling as you thought it would be. And, you wonder if this is it. There has to be more than this. But deep down you’re fearful that really following your dream is going to cost you the safety that you’ve surrounded yourself with. That stepping out and risking failure might be too disappointing. And, that would be too much to bear.

Your purpose matters. No matter what you might say to convince yourself otherwise, YOU ARE meant for more. It’s probably going to cost you something. And, you can’t live hidden behind the limiting beliefs about who you think you are. Friend, you are capable of so much more. 

I continued working as a teacher for another five years before my life radically changed. To be honest, I wasn’t sure how to bring my dreams to life. And, there was no one in my corner helping me figure it out. So I went it alone. The transition took me another ten years, and still another career change. I fought with depression, anxiety, and feelings that maybe my dreams weren’t really meant to be. My self doubt kept me down far too long.

Today things are different. I’m more passionate than ever, and everyday I ask God to direct me closer towards the purpose He has created me for. But now I know that pursuing relationship I have with him is foundational to living my life to the fullest. I’m not a lot different from the girl I was sitting in the classroom those years ago. But the one thing that has changed -- is my perspective that pursuing my purpose matters. It matters to me, it matters to my heavenly father, and it matter to those whom I’m in relationship with.

So, whatever stage of life you may find yourself in — don’t lose heart! Keep going after your dreams. Yes, your purpose matters. It matters to more people than you know. 

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What Do Your Purpose and Faith Have in Common?

It has not always been easy for me to believe God for my future. There have been so manytimes where I have doubted His will for my life, and wanted to find the quickest escape hatch. I was doing things in my own strength, which caused anxiety in the worst way. 

As women trying to unlock the mystery of our calling in life, there is no way to bi-pass what we believe about God. We may search to the ends of the earth to understand what we have been put on this earth for, but if we don’t know in whom we believe then we will never fully grasp our purpose. 

This can leave us frustrated because we are trying to understand why life happens the way it does, when really we fail to see that God is asking for us to not lean on our own understanding. For someone like me who always wants to have a plan and get things moving in the right direction, this seems like an impossible task. Especially since I was taught to do it all on my own.

You feel me? 

Maybe you find yourself there too. Are there dreams that you believe God has placed on your heart, but you can’t seem to find a way around your current circumstance? It wasn’t until I learned to lean into my relationship with God, that my spirit was at rest, and I knew that I was not alone in what He had called me to do. 

It was never about me in the first place. It was always about Him. 

So let me ask you some questions. I want to encourage you not only to read the questions, but to spend a little time answering them. This is a good time to stop and reflect about how our purpose is tied to our faith. If you joined me on the 21 Day Purpose Challenge, then I want you to know that getting this is paramount to moving forward. Perhaps, you just stumbled on this blog today. Well, I want to encourage you to join the challenge - CLICK HERE.

1) What do you believe about God?

If you are having a hard time trusting God, and believing that He is a good Father, then you may also have a hard time understanding how you are going to walk out your life purpose. Who is God to you?

2) Do you believe God has a plan for your life?

Faith and purpose go hand in hand. When you believe God is who He says He is then you will be able to trust when life gets hard. Take a few minutes and get alone to ask God about where the plan that He has for you. Not your plan, His plan.

3) Are you ready to submit your plan to God?

I think I may have stepped on a few toes there. Been there, got the t-shirt. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to release my plan so that I could see the bigger picture. Don’t get tunnel vision. God’s plan is a view that is much larger than yours. 

For some of you this may be new, and may challenge you to think beyond what you have known. That’s a good thing. When we get to know who God is we will begin to see that He is way more interested in having a relationship with him than anything we will ever accomplish. Believing God for your future is more about deepening your understanding of who He is. He loves you, and desires great things for your life. Keep your eyes focused on him. 

‘You will keep in perfect peace those minds who are steadfast, because they trust in you.’ (Isaiah 26:3).


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