Position Yourself For Purpose

The term purpose gets tossed around a lot these days, and it seems everyone is on the hunt for their life purpose. Trying to discover how it can be outworked in our lives, and where it may take us. The search for meaning is more prevalent than ever. It’s not enough to go to work, have family time and repeat. The desire for intentionality is at an all time high. Living life day to day is not enough anymore.

As a life coach, I get asked over and over not only how we can discover our purpose, but live it. Let’s be honest here, there is no quick answer, or amazing self actualization tool that will point the way. But, over the next few weeks I am going to share with you a few really helpful steps that I believe will equip you to begin the journey. 

Quick disclaimer: Your journey will last a life time. Along the way you will begin to experience the fullness of the purpose for which you were created. I need to be honest, it will be one of the most exciting things you have done, but it will also be the most challenging. 

Position yourself to hear. 

In the busyness of our lives, careers, and relationships it is easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of noise that surrounds us. Doing ‘things’ does not equate being purposeful. That is more like acts of service or works. And although our works can be effective to living our purpose, it is definitely not our purpose. 

We must position ourselves to hear the voice of God. My personal belief is that our purpose comes directly from the outflow of our relationship to the creator of the universe. Now before you think I am getting all ‘woo woo’ on you, hear me out. 

Being a part of something bigger requires the understanding that we are also part of something greater than ourselves. Call it what you may, but I call it being a child of God. When we begin to position ourselves to hear the creator of the universe, He will answer. 

For the sake of practicality, here are few ways that we can position ourselves to hear the voice of God:

1. Silence the noise.

  • Turn off your phone, log off Netflix, and get silent. For some people this means taking a hike in the woods. For others, it may mean sitting quietly. For others still, it means taking a consecrated time of prayer and fasting.

2. Equip yourself for the journey.

  • There is no better way to discover your purpose than to begin to ask yourself the questions that will lead you to the place you need to go. Dig deep. This may mean hiring a coach to help you do the heavy lifting. And trust me, there will be heavy lifting.

3. Get in community. 

  • Iron sharpens iron. This means that we are better when we are doing community together. In community we are able to shave off the old ways, the rough edges so that we can be refined for greater purpose. 

Is it time for you to finally get started on a journey that will change your life? 

Take the next week to really position yourself to hear the voice of God. Silence the noise around you, ask yourself the tough questions and get around people who will sharpen you.

Together we are better!


Ready to take the next step? Join me and some extraordinary women as we dare to reach beyond our everyday life to discover the purpose we were created for. Designed With Purpose Online is set to re launch this summer. To hear more, send me an email - andreacrisp@me.com with the message 'tell me more'.