Don't Almost Do It

In college I ‘almost’ failed a running class. Allow me to clarify. Yes, my college had a college running class. To this day, I’m not sure what purpose it served, unless you count the mileage I have gotten from telling this story over the years. 

But, back to the story...

Although I was relatively fit, I would not have classified myself as a runner. So when I took the class and started running on the first day I experienced a great deal of pain. The second day the same thing, so on and so forth. The coach decided that instead of making me run he would have me get on the stationary bike and ride the entire class. That might have been just as painful (painfully boring).

The reason I say that I almost failed the class is because by all standards I passed the course, but I definitely did not pass the running test at the end of the semester. My lack of training did nothing to prepare me for running the timed 5 km race. What it did do was solidify within me an attitude that it was ok for me to not put my best effort into what I was trying to accomplish. That almost doing something was enough. 

What in your life have you ‘almost’ accomplished? 

Better yet, what in your life do you wish would have happened by this point in your life. Maybe you really have been desiring to step out and start a new opportunity but it is never the right time and the money is not there for you to make the leap. So instead of positioning yourself to take the leap, you sit back and say, “I'm almost ready to do it”. 

There are times in our lives when without certainty the timing needs to be right in order for us to really take a leap of faith. But for most of the things we really want to do in life it boils down to our attitude and to our belief that it is possible. 

It is has become all too easy for us to use the excuse that

  • I almost finished my education.
  • I almost got chosen for the promotion.
  • I almost decided to take a risk.
  • I almost got out of debt. 

It's as if we qualify the ‘almost’ in our lives, it becomes ok. Normal somehow. But the reality is it's an excuse we hide behind because we either fear we can’t do it, or that God will not come through for us if we step out in faith. 

Over the past few weeks, I have personally been convicted to not live in a place of ‘almost’. To detach myself from the thought patterns that I allowed myself to believe. Back in college, I didn’t believe I could run. But, since then I have shattered that belief by finishing several races. God continues to remind me that when I partner with him, that we are able to do it together. No ‘almost’ about it. 

What do you need to believe for today?

If you agree with God about what he says for your life, then you begin to see that all things are possible with him. Maybe you just need some encouragement to take the next step, or perhaps you need to completely shift your mindset so that you can believe again. 

Together, we are better!


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