Do You Want To Be In My Squad?


Of all the squads in the world, I have the best one. Hands down!! No one can beat them. My girl gang spans the globe, consists of risk takers, world changers, encouragers, leaders, entrepreneurs and women who are on mission. I decided long ago that life was too short not to have a group of women in my corner. Women who stood out from the crowd, who weren’t afraid to make their mark on the world. And, I have to admit … I am nothing without them! They lift me up when I’m down, and they believe when I am tired and weary. These women have stood the test of time, walked through the fire with me, and have been there when I am at my best (and my worst). 

They sound amazing, don’t they? Who wouldn’t want in! But here is the hard truth. Not every girl is up for the task of being part of my squad. There is a reason my girl squad is strong. We have made a commitment to one another to there in the good times and the bad. And above all else, we seek to spur each other on to reach our full potential. Honestly, not everyone wants that. Not every woman is willing to lower themselves, and allow their friend to jump on their shoulders. But, if you are one of those women who is ready to take on the task, then I want to invite you to be apart of my squad.  

These amazing women... 

1) Speak generously This may sound super easy, but on the days when you have been through your own hell on earth the last thing you want to do is call up your friend and speak words of encouragement into their situation. But I’ll tell you, women who speak generously, live a life that honours others above themselves. 

2) Bring perspective. They know how to be positive in light of a negative situation. We all know life is hard. But, that's not what is needed when you have lost your job, or you are so overwhelmed that you can’t see the light of day. Instead they bring fresh perspective and light to dark places.  

3) Reveal truth. When life can be toxic and our beliefs about ourselves masked in deception, these women reveal what is true. They know how to speak the truth of who we are, and whose we are.  

4) Applaud destiny. They know the fastest way to achieve our potential is by being cheered on in the race. So they take their place at the side lines and cheer wildly.  

5) Encourage faithfulness. At the end of the day, these women encourage us to continue on when when we are tempted to give up. 

I would love for you to be a part of my squad, and hopefully you are (even virtually). But, I really wanted to encourage you to get out there and forge relationships with women that will not only take you to the next level, but will also be an encouragement to them. It’s time to leave those toxic relationships behind for good.

Together we are better.