Do You Fear Being Judged By Others?

It can seem like the best idea in the world until you are forced to have to share it with someone. Just as you muster up the courage to utter the words, you immediately want to take them back. Negative thoughts taking a strangle hold on your creativity. And, even though no one has said anything, the fear still looms. Feeling crushed by the anxiety, you fear that what you have to say is just not good enough. That you are not good enough. 

The moment we give way to the fear, is the very second that our power is snatched from our hands. I have felt it, and I can imagine you have too. If you are living and breathing, it’s likely you have dealt with the fear that you will be judged by others. And, when we are honest about it, it’s not the people we don’t know that we care as much about - it’s the people closest to us. The fear that we don’t measure up, or that we are not enough, can be paralyzing. 

Not long ago, I had a conversation with one of my clients about this very thing. Her voice unsteady as she described what it felt to carry a strong creative vision, and yet be so fearful that it wouldn’t be championed. But as soon as the words came out of her mouth, there was a moment of relief - she had finally taken the power back. Can you relate?

You, my friend carry greatness deep within you. There are so many things that you are yet to do, and ideas awaiting conception. Keeping yourself free to walk in that vision can be difficult, especially if your confidence has been stolen. It’s likely there was a moment in your life that you did feel that confidence, and then something happened. Someone said something, you felt a deep rejection, and just like that your confidence was snuffed out. 

Here is the truth… it’s time you took your power back. It starts with forgiveness, letting go of words spoken to you in the past. It may have started when you were a child, and yet those words have been haunting you to this day. Maybe you were heart broken and the sting of rejection left you feeling as though you would never be enough. Whatever those words were, they can no longer determine your future. Not if you take the power back. Break agreement with every word that keeps you from your destiny.

It’s time you started to believe in yourself. I know that you may want to hear encouraging words from your friends, and to get affirmation from those around you. I do too! But, I can honestly tell you - it starts with believing in yourself. God has created you so uniquely, with gifts and talents that no one else has but you. His vision for your life can only be carried out by you, so it’s time you started to use your voice. Speak your story. 

The Lord is my helper; I will not fear; what can man do to me? Hebrews 13:6