Creating A Life You Love


Who doesn’t want to live a life that is full of passion and driven with intentionality. To wake up in the morning feeling inspired to ‘get out there’ and make a difference in the world, knowing that our decisions are fully aligned with what we value.

Yes, please. I want to. Pick me!

Instead we spend so much time and effort doing all the wrong things before we ever stop and ask ourselves what we want our lives to look like. Could it possibly be too much to ask to live a life that we love. If creating a life we love is possible, then seriously people what on earth is stopping us?

Ok, so in full disclosure, I spent the better part of two decades wishing my life looked completely different. My dreams were big and included a life full of love and success. My soul knew a deep sense of calling, but I was never really sure what that looked like or if it was ever going to happen. Even though I worked hard, felt a fierce determination things were just not falling into place. 

For every day that I wanted something different in my life, I would continually do the same old thing sabotaging any progress I would have otherwise made. Not surprising, nothing changed. In fact if anything I became more depressed, lonely and somewhat disillusioned about my calling, my life and even my relationship with God.

Let me ask you… can you relate? 

Take a moment if you will, and describe what you want your life to look like in three words. Not as it is, but what you would like it to be. 

Did you write words like: hopeful, energetic, passionate, full, loving, intentional, carefree, content, happy, peaceful?

Now you can write words that describe the state of your life currently. Hopefully this is not too painful. Would you use any or all of those words above to describe the life you are living? Or could it be that you might lean more towards: busy, lonely, sad or even boring. If so, then let me encourage you that you can make a turn around. It’s not too late. 

For starters you can begin by letting go of the fear that your life will never be perfect. Spoiler alert… it never will be! So you need to immediate stop comparing your life to others. The truth is that they probably have the same problems you do, you just don’t know it. Comparison is sneaky, it will come in and steal the joy right out of your life.  

Secondly, take ownership of your decisions and what you want out of life. It is entirely possible that you are saying yes to way too many things that seem great, but are just sucking your time and energy. If you keep letting life happen to you by reacting to everything that comes your way, you will never move forward. Start being pro-active. 

Finally, set some healthy boundaries. Both for yourself and others. The truth is you don’t have to do everything everyone else is doing. That will get you no where fast. Set your own pace. Chart your own course.  

Creating a life you love may look a little different than the picture you have been seeing in your head, but imagine what will happen if allow yourself to walk out the life God intends you to. 

Let go of the fear, take ownership of your decisions, and set some healthy boundaries to start creating a life you love. 

What can you start doing today to make this a reality?

We are better together!


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