Are You Managing Your Time And Expectations?

There are 168 hours in a week, and guess what?  We all have access to the same amount. Although if I’m honest, sometimes is seems like I have way less than everyone else. With everything that needs to get accomplished in my personal life and in business, it can be so hard to even think of how I can possibly get some time in for myself to recharge let alone create. If we are not careful we can waste the most precious asset we have, our energy. 

We grumble and complain about how busy we are, but the real problem isn’t that we don’t have enough time, it’s that we have poor skills at managing the time we do have. And worse yet we have no idea how to manage our best energy. This leaves us at complete odds with what we really want to value and prioritize in our lives and then we end up frustrated and overwhelmed.

Just this morning I was speaking to a client of mine who feels this exact way. Currently she is trying to scale her business, to hone in on who she wants to serve as her ideal client so that she can achieve her business goals. But in the process she finds herself being way more reactive than proactive. It can be a vicious cycle if not left tended to. So, I will tell you the same thing I told her, "it’s time to break the negative habits that have governed your time so that you can really focus on what is important." And, that my friend takes some heavy lifting. 

Managing your time (which is really your energy) is all about having clear expectations. These principles can be applied to your life as well as your business. 

1) Realize that your time is valuable, and that you call the shots. Maybe right now you feel like a slave to your email or your calendar. Perhaps you can never find time to spend with the people you love because you are too busy trying to get things done. It can be easy to value everyone else over ourselves. That results in not really being able to serve anyone well. When you know who and where to invest your energy, you will find more joy in every project or interaction. 

2) Don’t skip over your priorities when something looks bright and shiny. Not everything is as it appears. Determine what is most important, and do that. First. Seriously, don’t delay - do it first thing. Your priorities (whatever they may be) should always get your best and most valuable attention. Then you can attack your to-do list. 

3) Learn how to manage your expectations. Feelings can be overwhelming, and sometimes we are so concerned with how our lives will affect someone else that we don’t learn to manage our own expectations. This requires shifting your mindset and really focusing on what is important. Not everything is a crisis, and not everyone needs your attention. 

4) Say good riddance to your limiting mindset. Don’t allow yourself to shift back into the negative patterns of belief. Give yourself the room to grow and change, and your life will follow. This will require time and patience. 

5) Make it a routine (habit). Do it over and over again until it becomes second nature. You will soon be excited about getting up every day because you will know where your time and energy needs to be focused. What has your focus gets your attention so focus on the right things. 

As you go about the month of December, focus on what really needs your attention and what doesn’t won’t matter much come January. 

We are better together!