Are You Free Indeed?

This weekend marks the celebration of two of the most amazing countries in the world! Yes, you guessed it, Canada and the USA. Admittedly, there is a lot going on within both of these great countries, but I am still extremely proud to have called them home. Although I am a proud Canadian, I attribute much of my spiritual growth to the time I lived south of the border. 

I took some time this weekend to walk the bustling streets of Toronto to take in the festivities of Canada Day. It was not hard to see how incredible this nation is and I was completely undone by the freedom that we have been given and yet so quickly take for granted. This country is so amazing, and the liberty and freedom we have in unparalleled. And, with so many amazing freedoms as a nation, we still don't live in the freedom that we have been given.

So, it got me thinking. 

Let me take you back a bit. Over the past few months, I have heard so many podcasts and sermons about what it is really like for us to live in freedom. But, the truth of having freedom does not always mean we are living as free people. Why is that?

Even when we have been released from the pain of our past hurts, we still live as though that is our current reality. For many years I felt the sting of rejection. It did not matter that I had many trusted friends tells me that I was accepted, I lived as though the inevitable would eventually happen, and I would be rejected again. I wasn’t living free. 

Are you living free?

Or, are you living bound in…

  • fear of the future
  • shame of your past
  • disappointment in your circumstances
  • hurt from relationships

When we are not able to live free from the past, we carry into our future that which keeps us from being able to possess the promises that God has for our lives. Then we wonder 'why' we are not able to have the breakthrough that we so desperately need. 

Maybe you have been trying to be free from shame or guilt, but everyday those thoughts creep back into your heart and mind. Wreaking havoc in your life, and causing you to stay stuck. They are keeping you shackled to your past. 

When we continue to live as slaves to our circumstances, we will never walk into the freedom of our future. It’s time to be free of the past, and to really live as God intends us to live. 

So what do you need to let go of today? What freedom do you need to possess?

The freedom of…

  • peace in your life
  • joyfulness in your circumstance
  • sound mind 
  • knowing that you are loved

So here is the clincher. It is a choice that we need to make every day to live free from the past. To not allow what has happened to us, or what we have done to determine where we are going in the future.

"So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free." - John 8:36

Make the decision today to finally walk in the freedom that you have been given. It will take effort on your part to lay the chains down. On a completely practical level you may need to invest in your freedom by going to see a counsellor to talk about unresolved issues. Or, it may be that you are ready to tackle the future and need someone to champion your success by investing in a coach. It is truly time for you to live free indeed.

Together we are better!


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