Are You Ready To Create Lasting Change?

Most people don’t have an affinity for change. In fact they try to avoid it at all costs. I used to be like that until I realized my life was meant to have significant meaning which meant I couldn't remain complacent for long. The moment I thought I had the answer or had reached a milestone was the exact time I needed to make a change. I soon learned that I didn’t want change for change sake. If that was the case, I just needed to rearrange the furniture in my living room or get a new hair style. 

Are you someone is ready to go after your dreams, but you’re unsure of how to create a lasting change in order for that to happen?

Here’s the truth…

We're hard wired to repeat the same thing over and over again. And, although that can work in our favour on many occasions, when it comes to creating a lasting change in our lives, it can be extremely difficult to overcome. It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that there is no more beyond what we can see. But the reality is that when we learn to embrace change, we can position ourselves for greater things than we could ever imagine. 

And, who doesn’t want that?

In your quest to create change within your life that will propel you towards your dream, I want to share with you three pitfall to avoid, and three tips that you can implement right away. 

Pitfalls to avoid:

1) Failure to define what it is you really want. If you are not sure what you envision for your life, then it’s entirely possible that you will not be able to handle making a change.

2) Listening to your mental chatter. Your mind will work overtime trying to warn you against change. You control your thoughts, not the other way around. 

3) Giving in to self sabotage. The moment things begin to change, you may be tempted to fight against the momentum. 

Tip to create lasting change:

1) Visualize and write down where you want to be. Imagine your ideal future, and the result that you want to see achieved. Write it down so that you can revisit your goal often.

2) Surround yourself with a good support system. It’s not easy to navigate change alone. Ask your friends to keep you accountable to move through the hard parts of the transition.

3) Celebrate the small wins. Don’t fixate on the end result. Stay to the small victories you have along the way. 

Now, don’t get too comfortable with where you end up after you make the change. All good things do come to and end, and it won’t be long before it’s time for you to keep moving forward. So, keep a suitcase packed at the door because this journey is going to keep you moving forward for years to come. 

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