The Secret To Becoming Influential

We all have that friend that seems to be ‘on trend’ with pretty much everything they do in life. I know I sure do. She’s the cool barometer for our entire squad, and like other women in my life, she's made a profound impact on me both personally and professionally. Although many people try to be cool and relevant, not everyone can be an influencer. It takes a special quality to be a trend setter; to be someone that others look to as a forward thinker. 

And, let’s be real, it’s not just about wearing the right thing, or behaving a certain way. Influencers possess a unique quality that sets them apart in their industry. 

If you have to wonder whether or not you are an influencer, it’s likely you’re not. But everyone has to start somewhere, so here are a few things that will get you started. A little disclaimer - don’t try too hard or it will likely defeat the purpose. At any rate, here are five keys to note when becoming an influencer. 

Own your magic. It’s like the special sauce on a big mac, or your grandmothers secret recipe that you rarely share. Once you have it, do everything with in your power to guard it with your life. Others may try to imitate it, and may even come close. The secret to magic, is having that special ingredient that make others wonder why it’s so freak’n amazing. You may think that what you know is odd, or that you won’t be taken seriously. Don’t worry about that - do you! Trust me -- your magic will come to life when you are truly ready to be yourself. 

Stay narrow minded on what you value. Influencers know what they like, and value what they believe in. They're not looking for someone to tell them what the next great thing is. They can spot it from a mile away. Not only that, but they stay so focused on what is important and don’t get caught up with distractions. They’ve learned that to have influence it means that you have to dig deep and stay connected to your why. That’s how they produce amazing results. 

Build authentic community. There's no better way to influence others than by being in fully invested in community (online or in person). People can spot a fake right away, so it’s important to be vulnerable and share straight from the heart. Some of the best influencers in the world have not only been able to speak their truth, but have built an entire movement of like minded people because they were willing to share their voice.

Talk about the hard things. Now this is definitely not the easiest thing to do, and likely needs to be handled carefully. An influencer is someone who is not afraid to talk about things that people are dealing with in real time. It’s not that they have all the answers, but they are engaging in relevant conversations, and are able to navigate when life is messy. They can play a pivotal role in shaping people’s perceptions. 

Help others succeed. A true influencer knows it’s more about others than it is about themselves. They've learned the value in generosity, and how to encourage others to be better versions of themselves. Influence transcends worry that others may be more successful in the future. 

Being an influencer is not for the faint of heart. The cost can be quite demanding, but in the end it will be totally worth the effort when you see the impact you are making on those around you. 

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